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So, You have never heard of Wallace & Gromit?
Well, Here's A Brief Byline!

Wallace, a quixotic inventor lacking common
sense, lives in a house in Great Britain with his
dog Gromit. Wallace loves to eat cheese, and is
always inventing contraptions which inevitably get
him into some sort of trouble. Voice by Peter Sallis.

Gromit is Wallace's faithful and scholarly "pet"
dog. Gromit can do all the things you'd expect out
of a faithful pet: read the paper, make Wallace
breakfast, operate rocket ships, and most
importantly -- keep Wallace out of trouble.
Gromit's only limitation his inability to speak, but
he can communicate any message through his expressions.

The Animated Cartoon Characters have starred in 3 films..the first:
Wallace and Gromit in "A Grand Day Out"

and the third:
Wallace and Gromit in " A Close Shave"

But my favorite is, the second film :
Wallace and Gromit in "The Wrong Trousers"

The Wrong Trousers opens as Gromit celebrates his birthday. We see Wallace's latest invention, which tips up his bed, sliding him through the floor to the kitchen, where he lands at the table. Another machine dresses him while freshly-toasted bread leaps from the toaster at just the right moment, receiving a splat of jam as it flies towards him, ending on his plate. Wallace's comment? "Well, that went about as well as could be expected, though I might have to make a small adjustment to the drop: a touch painful on re-entry!" Gromit looks disappointed that his owner has not remembered his birthday, but then Wallace produces a dog-collar and leash! The worst is, however, yet to come...

Wallace presents a pair of metal, mechanical legs, called "Techo-trousers", which he intends to use to take Gromit for walkies in future, leaving him free to concentrate on his inventions. While Gromit is being "walked" by the Techo-trousers, Wallace considers the bills, and shakes his head. Seeing no alternative, he advertises for a lodger, and shortly has a call from a penguin,named Feathers, who takes the room. Much to Gromit's annoyance, Feathers takes *his* room, and Gromit is banished to the spare room. This is definitely *not* the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Events are orchestrated by Feathers to the point where poor Gromit feels so put-upon that he decides to leave home. With the dog out of the picture, Feathers turns his attention to the Techno-trousers, which are what attracted him to Wallace's home in the first place. He rewires them, and puts them on a sleeping Wallace. On waking, the inventor is taken, via the Techno-trousers, out into the street while Feathers puts him and them through their paces, trying to suss out the controls. Gromit slips back into his old house, and watches while Feathers sticks a rubber glove on his head and becomes the dreaded robber "chicken" he has seen in "wanted" posters.

Feathers then directs the still-sleeping Wallace, in the Techno-trousers, to the museum, where he uses the sucker-pads of the feet of the Techno-trousers to adhere to the ceiling of the museum, thus avoiding the infra-red alarms. Stealing the diamond he then hightails it back to Wallace's house, with the still-sleeping inventor in tow. Once there, however, he is greeted by an angry Gromit, and there ensues a furious chase as Wallace (now awake) and Gromit, escaping from the wardrobe in which Feathers had imprisoned them as he made his getaway, break out and go after him. After a hilarious ride on Wallace's toy trainset Penguin is apprehended, and taken to the Zoo, where Wallace receives a reward, enough to ensure that no further lodgers need ever be taken in! Gromit, making sure he never has to run foul of the Techno-trousers again, sets them on their way, marching into the sunset...

I Shall Be Forever Grateful To My Dear Friend Tim Street From The U.K.
For Introducing Me To This Wonderful Series Of Animations!
And For The Happy Memory Of A Certain Sunday Afternoon,
When We Watched All Three Films, Back To Back!

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